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My photography sessions are fun and easy going. I want to make sure that every person I photograph enjoys their time and truly has a special experience. I am about as opposite of a typical studio as you can get. I will not ask you to stand on a x, throw a bunny on a stick in your face, ask you to say cheese (unless I'm looking for a cheesy smile!) or give you 15 minutes to order until the next person shows up! I want you to have a great time and enjoy a memorable experience and also come away with some amazing photos.

My style is in the moment. I want to capture those special moments of you or your family to enjoy for years. My style captures the essence of the person and who they are whether it's their funny face, or the way they put their hand on their chin, or whether it's an inquisitive stare or belly laugh. You get a special feeling and emotion when you look at my photos. That is the impression I want to instill in each of my photos and also the lasting memory I want to give to each and every one of my clients.

I prefer the distinct quality and simplicity of natural light portraits. Therefore, sessions are generally booked in the morning or late afternoon when lighting conditions are ideal. In addition, I use professional printers for my prints and I want a smile on your face or tears of joy in your eyes when you receive the final prints!


The world is my studio! Well, I guess not the world, but anywhere in the Twin Cities metro area is fair game! I like to photograph my clients in settings that fit their personality. Does your child love ice cream? Then lets go to an ice cream shop! Is your family a camping family? Then let's take some fall photos in a park with a lot of trees. Do you like the city? Then let's go downtown and walk the streets! Like the water? Then let's find a park with a lake or take your kids to a park with water fountains. I love taking pictures in different places and love to be creative!

Because of the Minnesota winters, many people ask me what I do about photos in the winter. I do and will photograph outdoors in the winter as long as it's not completely freezing out (although my clients typically don't like that either!) and in addition, I have a room in my home for newborn and sessions with 1-2 children that can be used if needed. I also have a relationship with the Burnsville Performing Arts Center and am able to photograph clients at their facility at no cost which is another great option!


Prior to your session, I'll discuss wardrobe options with you. We want the pictures to look great while also representing you and who you are. Overall, I simply ask that clients stay away from white and black if possible. Depending on the day, it can be harder to photograph and I personally don't care for how they photograph much. Patterns and color are great! Just make sure there is good balance. Coordination is key! I especially like a little punch of color or pattern for kids' photos whether it be in their clothes or through accessories. Mid tones also photograph well. Accessories? I LOVE accessories such as hats, scarves, vests, boots, jewelry, etc. Adding one colorful scarf to a photo can simply change a great photo to an absolutely amazing photo. Props are also fun such as flowers, balloons, bubbles, wooden and colorful toys such as blocks or trains, etc. I often bring some of these items to my shoots. I invite you to look through my galleries and get a feel for what colors and combinations you like.

For kids? Colorful, fun and zany! I'm all about bright colors and lots of creative fun with fun hats, ties, boots, headbands, umbrellas - whatever fits their fancy (or the parents fancy!) Have the kids wear the type of clothes that portrays them and who they are. Or if kids have a favorite toy, it's great to bring something that they are familiar with. Do they have a favorite truck or fun colored blocks? Up to two outfit changes are allowed.

For families? I still like color. I'm not a fan of super matchy, but if that's your thing, then that's fine. I typically like colors that complement one another and adding in some fun accessories can be great too...solids with some accents/accessories, a pattern or two...coordination is key.

For graduating seniors? Again, color can be great and please feel free to bring whatever props along that you'd like and we can incorporate them into the shots. You certainly want to represent the senior and who they are through their wardrobe. Sometimes it's nice to jazz it up a bit too. I do recommend making sure hair is well groomed and be sure to take care of any haircuts a few weeks ahead of time just in case. :-) 2-3 outfit changes is common.


I capture moments of newborns, children of all ages, families, graduating seniors, those just engaged and I also set aside time for a handful of weddings a year. I enjoy wedding photography, but want to be sure I can service all of my clients timely and therefore choose to photograph only a few each year.

Newborn moments sessions

I typically photograph newborns within the first two weeks of birth. This stage is adorable because the babies are so tiny, so delicate and so irresistible. I like to capture them bare and welcome any hats, blankets or anything else that is very meaningful to the baby or your family. Please allow approximately 2-3 hours for these sessions and I'm very understanding and open to nursing during your session if needed. Session fee is $250.

First year moments sessions

I tend to like to photograph babies during their first year at a couple of key milestones compared to the typical ages we all like to think about (3, 6, 9, and 12 months).

Milestone 1 - I like to photograph babies when the baby can sit up unassisted, at about 6 to 8 months. Before then posing options are pretty limited, although if you want some pictures before this stage, that is certainly something we can do. If they are pushing up on their arms while lifting their head, that can be a fun thing to capture.

Milestone 2 - I also like to photograph children when they can stand or walk (but before running if possible), at about 10 to 14 months. When the babies can stand, even just by holding onto furniture, they are bright-eyed and excited, yet still manageable because they aren't super mobile yet.

Each first year moments session is priced individually at $150, or you may choose a package that includes both milestone sessions for $275, a $25 savings. If you couple this with a newborn moments session, the total fee for all three sessions will be $500, a $50 savings.

Little, young and family moments sessions

These engaging and enjoyable sessions are from one to four people whether it's children or a family. I often bring a few props for the kids and of course suckers at the end of the session (as long as it's okay with the parents of course!). Session fee is $200 ($175 for existing clients). Each person or pet over four is an additional $25 per person/pet. For groups of 12 or more, please contact me to discuss the details and a quote will be provided.

Graduating moments sessions

What an exciting time in your life! I enjoy photographing seniors during this special time and make the sessions fun and relaxing. I capture the essence of their personality and the activities they are into through the locations we choose, their wardrobe and props. These sessions typically last at least 2 hrs. and are held at 1-2 locations. Any number of wardrobe changes are allowed during the time of the session. Session fee is $250. If more time and/or locations are desired, a quote will be provided.

Engagement moments sessions

I thoroughly enjoy photographing this stage in a couple's life. It's great to have some images of the two of you not in your wedding dress and tux! I still have my engagement picture up in my own house! These sessions are typically 1.5 - 2 hrs. and are held at 1-2 locations. Session fee is $200. If more time and/or locations are desired, a quote will be provided.

Wedding moments

I truly love capturing these special moments for couples and feel so honored to do so. I enjoy photographing the incredible joy on each of your faces and each little detail of your day. Everyone has their own unique day and I want to capture each piece of it and tell the story of what makes it your own. I do however only photograph a few special weddings a year so please contact me soon to see if I have availablity. We will walk through the general details of your wedding and I will provide a quote based on your wedding desires. Weddings typically range from $2,200 - $3,300. Please call or email to inquire.


Proofs will be posted online approximately two weeks after your photo session where you are able to choose favorites online. An ordering session will be scheduled within about two weeks of the proofs being posted online and will take place at your home where in most cases you will view a slideshow of your favorite images. We will consult on what you'd like to order and what walls you may want to adorn with your beautiful images. We will help on determining space and how to best decorate your home, what products to use and what sizes to purchase based on the images and the best sizes that work for those particular images. The order is placed at the ordering session and final prints and/or digital files are delivered within 2-3 weeks after your order. You have the choice of paying in full or putting half down at the time of the order. If a balance remains, it will be due at the time of delivery.

For pricing and product options, please see the Investment page under the Details tab.