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Meet Elizabeth

Welcome to Day by Day Photography!

Usually the first question people ask me, is what type of photographer are you and where is your studio? I answer with, I'm a photographer, but do not offer your typical studio experience. I'm about as opposite of your typical studio as you can get. I capture in the moment snapshots of families, children, weddings and events. You feel an emotion when you look at my images - within in each smile, movement or funny face.

And my studio? Well, my studio can be anywhere you want it to be. Well, not quite anywhere, but I conduct nearly all of my shoots outdoors and I service the Twin Cities metro area and especially the south metro, however I do have many clients in the north metro as well. Nearly all of my work is shot outdoors. I like the challenge and excitement of finding the right locations and coming up with different ideas for my clients that meet their personalities, whether it be at a park, in a city setting or even at a playground or ice cream shop!

Because of the Minnesota winters, many people ask me what I do about photos in the winter. I do and will photograph outdoors in the winter as long as it's not completely freezing out (although my clients typically don't like that either!) and in addition, I have a room in my home for newborn moment sessions and little or young moment sessions with 1-2 children that can be used if needed.

I capture my clients in a natural state - not canned or posed. I also choose to use natural lighting - no flash. True feelings, emotions and light can be seen in my work. And I don't even like to call it work. I simply love to do what I do. I know I have the eye and what it takes to make great photos.

And although I'm a one woman show, I have so many people who have helped me out with various shoots, whether it be holding a reflector or carrying a lens for me. I've had so many wonderful friends who have taught me along the way or have given me opportunities that I'm so very grateful for. And of course I have to include my family , especially my husband, for giving me the opportunity to follow my passion and dreams. Without the support I've had and the opportunities given, I would never be where I'm at today and for that, I thank you!

And of course, what would a Meet Elizabeth page be if I didn't include a few fun facts about myself, right? Well, here we go. Here are the top ten things I thought you might like to know about me!

  • Kids? Yep, two of them. Andrew, 5 and Gavin, 1.
  • Favorite food? That's a tough one, but I think I'd have to say pizza (with a cold Mich Golden Draft beer on the side!)
  • Favorite brand? I think I'd have to say Apple. I've gotten immersed in them over the last few years! Two computers, two iPods, etc. etc. etc.!!
  • Favorite hobby? I certainly don't have just one. I love to take photos (of course!!), scrapbook and make cards (although I never have time to do it!). I just like crafty type things in general. Archiver's Make and Take days are fun and I enjoy taking my oldest son. He's pretty artsy! I enjoy reading magazines too.
  • Favorite sport? Well, again, I don't have just one. I love to golf, play basketball, tennis and anything outdoors with my kids!
  • Favorite thing to do on the computer? Look at other photographer's sites and check out their work and their blogs.
  • Favorite website? Etsy!!! Really fun and unique items!
  • Favorite photographer's site? There are so many, but I think I'd have to say rialeephotography.com. She inspires me!
  • Favorite place to travel? Well, I've never been overseas and would really like to go sometime, but in the US, I'd probably have to say Myrtle Beach, SC. A large group of our family gets together every few years and it's always such a great time to see everyone! And I think I'd have to disclose Park City, UT as a close second! If you've never been, you're missing out!
  • Favorite non-profit organization? Well, I have two - March of Dimes (I interned for them in college!) and also Feed My Starving Children. I highly suggest you check them out and volunteer sometime! Check out their links on my Links page for more information.

Thank you for visiting my website and I can't wait to hear from you and schedule your fun and unique shoot, just for you!

All the best,


cell: 952-334-6483